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Introducing the Da Vinci Artist Pencil Sharpener (Large) – the ultimate tool for sketching and quick drawings. With the ability to accommodate pencils up to 240mm in length, it's versatile for various artistic needs. This sharpener effortlessly handles both graphite and charcoal pencils, offering multiple adjustable settings for your preferred point thickness. The rapid hand-crank mechanism ensures a swift and automatic feed, while the large-capacity shavings container keeps your workspace tidy. Designed with ergonomics in mind, it features a comfortable grip and a non-slip bottom for stability. It also prevents lead breakage and ensures precise sharpening angles, thanks to its thoughtful design. The minimalist geometric shape with rounded edges adds a touch of elegance to your artistic tools. Elevate your sketching experience with the Da Vinci Artist Pencil Sharpener – where practicality meets artistry.

Da V Artist Pencil Sharpener (Large)

  • Product Dimenssion: 120mm x 60mm x 14mm
    Product Gross Weight: 318g

    • Multiple adjustable settings for customised point thickness
    • Rapid hand-crank mechanism for automatic pencil feed
    • Large-capacity pencil shavings container
    • Ergonomic design for user comfort
    • Non-slip bottom for enhanced stability
    • Prevents lead breakage and ensures a more reasonable sharpening angle to prevent pencil interruptions
    • Minimalist geometric design with rounded edges for aesthetic appeal.
    • Users under the age of 10 should have adult supervision while using this product.
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