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Introducing the Phoenix Artist Series Oil Paint 12 Colour 40ml Set, a premium collection for artists. This set offers 12 vibrant colors with a smooth and high-pigment consistency, ensuring strong coloration and excellent lightfastness. Artists can easily layer and blend these paints to achieve desired effects, all without the harsh odors, making it a safe and enjoyable choice for your artistic endeavors. Elevate your oil painting experience with Phoenix Artist Series Oil Paint, where quality and versatility meet in every stroke.

Phoenix Artist Series Oil Paint 12 Colour 40ml Set

SKU: FH0301A12-40
  • Product Suitable Art Type:  Oil painting
    Capacity: 40ml per colour
    12 Colour Collection:

    104 Titanium White
    215 Lemon Yellow
    324 Vermilion Red
    328 Deep Cadmium Red
    441 French Ultramarine
    445 Prussian Blue
    539 Emerald Green
    560 Fresh Green
    676 Raw Sienna
    684 Burnt Sienna
    687 Burnt Umber
    793 Lamp Black

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