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Introducing the Phoenix Artist Watercolour 12 Colour 8ml Set – a professional collection for watercolor artists. These 12 vibrant, high-pigment colors come in convenient 8ml aluminum tubes, offering even consistency, strong coloration, and excellent lightfastness. Artists can effortlessly layer and blend these colors to create stunning effects, all without any unpleasant odors. With the 8ml tube packaging, it's perfect for artists seeking quality and convenience in their watercolor creations. Elevate your watercolor painting experience with Phoenix Artist Watercolour, where excellence meets ease of use.

Phoenix Artist Watercolour 12 Colour 8ml Set

SKU: FH0101A12-8
  • Product Suitable Art Type:  Watercolour
    Capacity: 8ml per colour
    8 Colour Collection:

    215 Lemon Yellow
    223 Cadmium Yellow
    326 Cadmium Red
    701 Scarlet Lake
    602 Permanent Rose
    331 Deep Purple
    443 Ultramarine
    445 Prussian Blue
    539 Viridian Green
    676 Raw Sienna
    437 Light Red Earth
    687 Burnt Umber

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