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The Phoenix Fan Hog Hair Brush is a professional-grade tool for artists. Crafted with precision using the finest hog hair bristles, it offers exceptional paint control and versatility for achieving intricate details and textures in various mediums like oils, acrylics, and watercolours. Elevate your artistry with this high-quality brush.



Phoenix Hog Hair Fan Brush 7 pieces

  • Product Suitable Art Type: Acrylic, Oil painting
    Product Size Collection: 

    • No.0

                 Product Dimension:

                 Brush Length: 283 mm
                 Bristle width: 8 mm
                 Bristle Length: 13 mm 

    • No. 2

                 Product Dimension:

                 Brush Length: 283 mm
                 Bristle width: 10 mm
                 Bristle Length: 16 mm 

    • No.4

                 Product Dimension:

                 Brush Length: 290 mm
                 Bristle width: 17 mm
                 Bristle Length: 18  mm 

    • No.6

                 Product Dimension:

                 Brush Length: 297 mm
                 Bristle width: 22  mm
                 Bristle Length: 23  mm 

    • No.8

                 Product Dimension:

                 Brush Length: 303 mm
                 Bristle width: 25 mm
                 Bristle Length: 25 mm 

    • No.10

                 Product Dimension:

                 Brush Length: 308 mm
                 Bristle width: 30 mm
                 Bristle Length: 30 mm 

    • No.12

                 Product Dimension:

                 Brush Length: 317 mm
                 Bristle width: 42  mm
                 Bristle Length: 3 mm

    #There might be slight differences in the measurement of the product’s size and weight since they are measured by hand.


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