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This Phoenix Hog Hair Large Area Brush is an ideal choice for painting large surfaces. It is crafted from high-quality hog hair for superior paint coverage. The short handle allows you to have precise control and application. The flat brush is ideal for spreading paint quickly and evenly. It features a brush tip width selection from 20mm to 85mm and is not easy to split end.

Phoenix Hog Hair Large Area Brush

  • Product Suitable Art Type: Watercolour, Gouache, Acrylic, Oil painting
    Product Size Collection: 


    • No.0

                     Product Dimension:
                     Brush Length:180mm
                     Tip width: 18mm
                     Tip Length: 28mm

    • No.2

                     Product Dimension:
                     Brush Length:195mm
                     Tip width: 32mm
                     Tip Length: 32mm

    • No.4

                     Product Dimension:
                     Brush Length:210mm
                     Tip width: 48mm
                     Tip Length: 35mm

    • No.6

                     Product Dimension:
                     Brush Length:215mm
                     Tip width: 62mm
                     Tip Length: 37mm

    • No.8

                     Product Dimension:
                     Brush Length:230mm
                     Tip width: 85mm
                     Tip Length: 35mm

    #There might be slight differences in the measurement of the product’s size and weight since they are measured by hand.

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