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Introducing the Phoenix Picasor Series Oil Paint 8 Colour 50ml Set – a professional collection for artists. This set features 8 richly pigmented colours in 50ml aluminium tubes, known for their even consistency, high pigment content, intense colouration, and excellent lightfastness. Artists can effortlessly layer and blend these colours for captivating artworks while enjoying an odourless painting experience. With a range including Titanium White, Middle Yellow, Cadmium Red, Deep Red, Sharp Green, Prussian Blue, Deep Brown, and Ivory Black, the Phoenix Picasor Series is the perfect choice for elevating your oil painting projects.

Phoenix Picasor Series Oil Paint 8 Colour 50 ml Set

SKU: FH0301B8-50
  • Product Suitable Art Type:  Oil painting
    Capacity: 50ml per colour
    8 Colour Collection:

    104 Titanium White
    227 Middle Yellow
    302 Crimson Red
    315 Deep Red
    568 Sharp Green
    445 Prussian Blue
    687 Deep Brown
    792 Ivory Black

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