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Experience the artistry of our professional-level Phoenix Mop Squirrel Brush, available in sizes ranging from 0 to 8. Crafted by skilled artisans, these brushes are a testament to precision and quality, with premium squirrel hair construction ensuring durability and a luxurious touch. Resistant to shedding, they maintain their integrity through extended use, making them a reliable tool for your artistic journey. With exceptional water retention capabilities, these brushes are perfect for creating vibrant and flowing watercolour masterpieces, while their bristle density allows for precise point formation. Elevate your watercolour creations with the Phoenix Mop Squirrel Brush, where craftsmanship meets performance in a single stroke.

Phoenix Watercolour Squirrel Hair Mop Brush

  • Product Suitable Art Type: Acrylic, Oil painting
    Product Size Collection: 

    • No.0

                     Product Dimension:
                     Brush Length:180mm
                     Bristle width: 50mm
                     Bristle Length: 16 mm


    • No. 1

                     Product Dimension:
                     Brush Length: 182 mm
                     Bristle width: 60 mm
                     Bristle Length: 19 mm

    • No.2

                     Product Dimension:
                     Brush Length: 185 mm
                     Bristle width: 80 mm
                     Bristle Length: 22 mm

    • No.3

                     Product Dimension:
                     Brush Length: 190 mm
                     Bristle width: 90 mm
                     Bristle Length: 25 mm

    • No.4

                     Product Dimension:
                     Brush Length: 195 mm
                     Bristle width: 11 mm
                     Bristle Length: 30 mm

    • No.5

                     Product Dimension:
                     Brush Length: 200 mm
                     Bristle width: 11 mm
                     Bristle Length: 33 mm

    • No.6

                     Product Dimension:
                     Brush Length: 205 mm
                     Bristle width: 13 mm
                     Bristle Length: 37 mm

    • No.7

                     Product Dimension:
                     Brush Length: 208 mm
                     Bristle width: 15 mm
                     Bristle Length: 40 mm

    • No.8

                     Product Dimension:
                     Brush Length: 209 mm
                     Bristle width: 16 mm
                     Bristle Length: 41 mm


    #There might be slight differences in the measurement of the product’s size and weight since they are measured by hand.

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