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Introducing the Phoenix Weasel Hair Brush Set, featuring brush sizes 1 to 12, expertly crafted from premium weasel hair. Ideal for oil, acrylic, watercolour, and gouache painting, these brushes resist shedding, offer excellent water retention, and feature precise pointed tips for stunning artistic effects. Elevate your artistry with the Phoenix Weasel Hair Brush Set, where quality meets versatility.

Phoenix Weasel Hair Pointed Round Brush 7 Pieces Set

  • Product Suitable Art Type: Watercolour
    Brush Head Type: Filbert
    Bristle Material: Wolf Tail Hair and Wool
    Product Size Collection included: 

    • No.1

                 Product Dimension:

                 Brush Length: 269mm
                 Bristle width: 6mm
                 Bristle Length: 11mm 

    • No. 2

                 Product Dimension:

                 Brush Length: 268 mm
                 Bristle width: 7mm
                 Bristle Length: 14 mm

    • No.4

                 Product Dimension:

                 Brush Length: 274 mm
                 Bristle width: 11mm
                 Bristle Length: 18 mm  

    • No.6

                 Product Dimension:

                 Brush Length: 279mm
                 Bristle width: 12mm
                 Bristle Length: 21mm  

    • No.8

                 Product Dimension:

                 Brush Length: 283mm
                 Bristle width: 13mm
                 Bristle Length: 23mm  

    • No.10

                 Product Dimension:

                 Brush Length: 284mm
                 Bristle width: 17mm
                 Bristle Length: 25mm  

    • No.12

                 Product Dimension:

                 Brush Length: 280mm
                 Bristle width: 22mm
                 Bristle Length: 27mm  

    #There might be slight differences in the measurement of the product’s size and weight since they are measured by hand.

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